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Brendan Wilson

I am a history enthusiast, podcast addict, bibliophile, and unapologetic lover of spy novels.  I play guitar and yell at the TV when the Giants and Yankees are playing.  A proud New Jerseyan, I love Bruce Springsteen and Italian delis.  I live in northern New Jersey with my beautiful wife, Jenelle, and two boys, James and Roman.  

I have spent a large chunk of the last ten years studying my favorite periods of history, paying particular attention to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, the American Revolution, and World War II.  I enjoy looking back into the past while staying in tune with the current events shaping the world around us.  In so doing, I've developed a passion for finding the common threads that exist between the two.

It is the aim of these entries to illuminate how much of the past can be recognized in the present.  If I have succeeded, you will come away with the feeling that the past is a blueprint that can be used to make sense of the present while preparing for the future.  I hope that you enjoy reading these entries as much as I enjoy writing them.

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